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Laser Tattoo Removal

About Laser Tattoo Removal

At Fresh Start Laser, we specialise in safe and effective medical-grade laser tattoo removal and tattoo fading treatments.
Q switch nanosecond lasers are currently the most effective means of removing or fading tattoos, with the lowest risks compared to any other methods available. We use the Medlite C6 laser, which is our preferred method and the gold standard in laser technology for safe and effective tattoo removal.


Laser Tattoo Removal is an effective treatment for;

  • Removing tattoos

  • Fading and lightening tattoos

  • Spot treating a specific area of a tattoo

How does the treatment work?
The Medlite C6 laser emits extremely high energy and short pulses of laser rays that shatter tattoo inks into tiny particles, allowing the body to break down these particles and eliminate them permanently.


Girl with a Shoulder Tattoo

What areas can be treated?
With the exception of over the eyes, nearly anywhere on the body where a tattoo has been placed can safety be treated.


How many treatments are recommended? 

Estimations can only be made as to how many treatments are needed for your desired outcome. Most of our clients average anywhere from four to ten treatments. Different factors determines the amount of treatments required. These factors will all be addressed and discussed with you during your consultation. However if you are only wishing to fade a tattoo in order to replace the area with some new ink, then lesser treatments will be needed.

How often can Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments be performed?
We perform treatments at six to eight weeks intervals. You may also leave it for longer in-between your treatments if you prefer. The reason we treat at these intervals is to allow for sufficient healing time and recovery, It also gives the body time to break down the ink particles and eliminate them effectively.

What is the downtime and are there any side effects? 
After your tattoo has been treated, the area may appear to look slightly red and feel a little tender or swollen. A small blister or scab may also develop within the next few days post treatment. All these reactions are very normal and will heal. Aftercare instructions will be discussed with you in detail during your consultation. It is very important that you follow the after care advice that has been given to you. Following our advice will allow for quicker recovery times and limit the risk of any complications.

Will the treatment hurt?
Our aim is to make you feel relaxed and comfortable as much as possible. We use the Zimmer Cooling System to minimise any discomfort during your treatment. The Zimmer, helps by keeping the skin cold, limiting the amount of heat you may feel from the laser. There is only slight discomfort throughout the treatment and the sensation can be best described as being flicked with a rubber band. 

Can the area be re tattooed?
Yes, once the treated area has healed, having the area re inked is no problem. 

How much is laser tattoo removal?
Tattoo removal is very affordable. We also offer pre paid packages to help you save! Please refer to our pricing page for further details.

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